About Profile Launch Pad

Jonathan Duarte
Founder, Profile Launch Pad

As a founder of one of the first online job boards, GOJobs.com, I’ve witnessed Internet recruiting and the Internet job search change dramatically over the last 17 years.

The Internet job search strategy that most job seekers take, doesn’t work for most. “Clicking N Applying” to jobs isn’t very effective, yet it’s the default “job search strategy” of most “newbie” job seekers.

I knew the system wasn’t working, but there weren’t many viable options.

Then, in 2009, I started doing some speaking at career networking and recruiting events around the United States. My primary talk was about “The New Job Search”… about how job search was rapidly changing. About how there was a new site called LinkedIn, that was about to take off like crazy. And about how important it was to get your profile up to professional shape.

Every time I spoke, I would get a high percentage of the audience asking if I could help them build their personal brand, or help optimize their profiles, or help search engine optimize their blog, or website, or resumes.

As a result, an idea was born.

The idea was simple, build and optimize LinkedIn Profiles.

So, I told a couple of business colleagues about my idea, and within a couple of days, had 10 orders. Using my SEO expertise, I was able to get their profiles ranked in the Top 10 search results on LinkedIn. I also rewrote their Headlines and Summaries, and helped them join LinkedIn Groups.
And what they liked best was I how I quickly built their network, from almost no connections to over 1,500 in 3 days.

After doing over 100 profiles, I have a pretty good idea “what to say” and “how to say it” on LinkedIn.

I look forward to helping you with LinkedIn.
Jonathan Duarte