4 ways to Increase your LinkedIn Profile Views – For Job Seekers

If you’re considering a job change, or actively seeking a new opportunity, you need to get found on LinkedIn. Over 80% of recruiters and hiring managers are now checking LinkedIn early in the recruiting process. They’re looking at the profiles of candidates that applied for the position, as well as searching (“also called sourcing”) candidates […]

Social Selling does Impact Revenue – new study shows!

A new study “Social Media and Sales Quota”, was just released by Jim Keenan of A Sales Guy Consulting and Barbara Giamanco, Social Centered Selling. The big question from Senior Sales Management has been… Does Social Media actually impact sales? With this question in mind, Barbara and Jim, surveyed 511 sales people to see what […]

LinkedIn Hack – How to Export or Backing up Contacts when the Export Feature doesn’t work

If you have over 4,000 first degree contacts on LinkedIn, at some point you’re going to loose the ability to Export (or Backup) your Contacts. The problem arises when you try to export your contacts, and all you get is an empty txt file. It doesn’t matter what type of format you try to download, […]

[Infographic] How Social Media is affecting B2B Sales

The B2B and Inside sales channels are changing dramatically with social media. Buyers are online, and doing more research before they pick up the phone. You’ve probably been doing it yourself. Meeting someone for the first time? You look them up on LinkedIn. Here is a great infographic from Systems Group that details some of […]

LinkedIn KPIs for Social Selling & Job Search Success

There are many different reasons to use LinkedIn. For a sales person, or business services professional, you might be looking to generate new business leads, engage with your market, build a professional network, research prospects, or build a social selling platform. If you are a job seeker, getting found, connecting with target companies, connecting with […]

The truth behind the LinkedIn “Top 1%, 5%, 10% profile…” emails.

Did you get one of the – “Congratulations, You have one of the top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012?” emails from LinkedIn? Of course, there are lots of excited LinkedIn users. There has been a lot of noise, mystery, and concern about these emails, too. “Are they authentic?” “How could that be? I […]

Interview with LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman – Building your Profile

Reid Hoffman, founder of Linkedin, was interviewed back in 2009 by Thomas Crampton. In this interview, Reid covers the basics of creating a LinkedIn Profile. 3 years later, and very little has changed. It’s just important today, as it was 3 years ago, if not more. Your clients and prospects are reviewing your profile. Are […]

How to Increase your LinkedIn Profile Views by 500%

One of the biggest questions I hear from clients is “How do I get more people to view my profile?”, or “How do I get noticed?”, or “How do I differentiate myself?” Zig Ziglar, one of the top Sales Trainers once said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help […]

How do others use LinkedIn? [Usage Infographic]

Lab42, recently did a poll and released a “LinkedIn Usage Infographic”, describing several ways individuals are using LinkedIn. While LinkedIn itself has lots of this information, it’s often not share with the public. Here are some of their interesting results: 35% of respondents Used LinkedIn “Daily” 32% “A few times per week” 81% of LinkedIn […]

How to destroy your online reputation!

Personal Branding and Online Reputation Management is critical for job seekers and Sales and Marketing Executives. I recently received this LinkedIn Invitation to connect from someone I don’t know. I’m an fairly open networker. If you’re in my industry, or target market, I’ll probably accept your invitation to connect. When I got the above Invite, […]