How do others use LinkedIn? [Usage Infographic]

Lab42, recently did a poll and released a “LinkedIn Usage Infographic”, describing several ways individuals are using LinkedIn. While LinkedIn itself has lots of this information, it’s often not share with the public.

Here are some of their interesting results:
35% of respondents Used LinkedIn “Daily”
32% “A few times per week”

81% of LinkedIn Users below to at least 1 LinkedIn Group
of those, 52% participate in group discussions…

Top level Executives, Middle managers, and entry-level users each use LinkedIn differently.
Top Executives:
22% Industry Networking
20% Networking with former employers
18% “Keeping in touch”

Middle Managers:
24% – “Keeping in touch”
20% – Industry Networking
19% – Co-worker networking

Entry Level:
24% – Job Search
23% – Co-worker networking
19% – Industry Networking
19% – “keeping in touch”

LinkedIn Usage Infographic

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