How to destroy your online reputation!

Personal Branding and Online Reputation Management is critical for job seekers and Sales and Marketing Executives.

I recently received this LinkedIn Invitation to connect from someone I don’t know.
Lying On LinkedIn Invitations To Connect

I’m an fairly open networker.
If you’re in my industry, or target market, I’ll probably accept your invitation to connect.

When I got the above Invite, I had to show you what it looks like.
If you are trying to build Trust and Credibility online, which you should be, it starts at the Invitation to Connect.

I know what the LinkedIn user was trying to do… build their network, even though they didn’t know me.
Guess what, Lying about how I KNOW you isn’t a good start to building credibility, especially if you are in sales.

The important lesson here is that there are lots of ways to connect with people on LinkedIn, but Lying about being a colleague IS NOT a good one.

Tip #1:

How to Connect with someone you Don’t Know!

1. Look at the user’s profile. Determine what groups they are a member of.
2. Join one of their groups. Preferably this would be a group that you are interested in being a part of.
3. Once you are a member of the group, go back to the users profile.
4. Now, click the Connect button. You’ll see the option to choose “You share a group.”
5. Now write a personalized invitation to connect. (Or use a customized template that you create.)

It’s a simple LinkedIn Hack, and well worth using.

It’s a great hack for prospecting for sales leads.
It’s great for connecting with employees in companies that you are interested in working for… ie connecting with employees who can refer you for a job.

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