LinkedIn Hack – How to Export or Backing up Contacts when the Export Feature doesn’t work

If you have over 4,000 first degree contacts on LinkedIn, at some point you’re going to loose the ability to Export (or Backup) your Contacts.

The problem arises when you try to export your contacts, and all you get is an empty txt file. It doesn’t matter what type of format you try to download, outlook csv, etc. the same thing happens… empty file.

It’s a known issue, and LinkedIn has known about it for a long time.
They haven’t shown any interest in fixing it for years, and there are a lot of good reasons that they probably won’t get around to do it anytime soon.

Mostly, they don’t want you to leave.
Second, they don’t want you exporting your contacts, so you can import them into a email program and spam them all.

With over 15,000 first degree connections, I know the problem well.
I haven’t been able to backup my contact list in several years.

There is a work-around, though.
It doesn’t work for everyone, but some people have had luck using this hack.

Instead of using the normal “Export Feature” in LinkedIn, simply make sure you’re logged in, and then click the link below:

The link doesn’t work for everyone, and it doesn’t work for me, but your luck may vary.
At least it’s another option to backup your contacts.

Another option, might be to clear your cache and close all other windows, or possibly shut-down and restart, with a single browser window open, and try again.

Please Share your success or failure below, in the comments. Let us know how many connections you have and if the link worked for you, and what browser your using. Your response can help others.

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