How to Build a Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Building a Personal Brand on LinkedIn can seem like a daunting task.
Where do you start?
What steps do you take?

Here’s a recent presentation the I gave to the North San Mateo County Leadership Council.

The best way to describe the process that I use when consulting clients on building their profile is this:
B= Build your Profile, including photo, and headline.
R= Reconnect to your offline and online social and professional contacts.
A= Add-Value – Share! You can’t be considered Valuable until you Add-Value!
N= Network – build virtual connections with the people you want to connect with
D= Do Coffee – Turn your Virtual Connections into Relationships

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For over 20 years, @JonathanDuarte has been implementing Sales & Marketing and Internet Recruitment automation systems for companies such as Citigroup, Dole Foods, Chevron, Gateway, and Hallmark. He is the founder, one of the first ad distribution networks. If he's not on LinkedIn, implementing a Social Selling campaign, you might find him swimming, biking or running for his next Ironman Triathlon.

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